The Mutation of Hitler’s Ideology in “Modern” Europe

The Mutation of Hitler’s Ideology in “Modern” Europe

The recent political elections in Europe record significant surge of far-right groups and opportunists making their political debuts with populist rhetoric. Neo-Nazis, racists and extreme conservative nationalists have gained impetus and openly demonstrate their long inhibited hatred of anyone who, in their views, does not belong to their respective countries and ethnicities. The arguments of members and followers of these groups are composed of fears; the fear of losing their identities through foreign influence, the fear of losing their jobs to immigrants, the fear of increase in criminal acts, the fear of competition in all aspects of socio-economic life that may lead to losing power, recognition or self-esteem, and several other placebo fears that lack supportive facts. While Europe was recovering from economic depression, Adolf Hitler rose to power with his rhetoric that coherently fused statements formulated as solutions to Germans’ fears into ideology. Hitler’s ideology focused on keeping the Germany race clean and superior to other races, eliminating inferior ethnic groups that he labeled deadly-infectious and elevating Germany above every other nation.


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