The Model

The Model

Standing by the staircase at the train station

A slender figure appears in the distance

Her gracious movement unmistakable

Her beautiful face as lively as ever

Bringing life to the dull surrounding


Sitting opposite her in the regional train

Watching her loosing up her jacket

Revealing a black warm sweater

Fitting her sexy body like a designer’s model

Activating my fantasy beyond boundaries


Yesterday she was in a white sweater

the colour of peace, sincerity and purity

fitting her body like a sculptor’s mould

transmitting warmth and liveliness

Making my pulse beat faster


Days ago she was in a grey and black jumper

the colour of the current fashion vogue

the wool adding luxury to her complexion

Turning her to starlet in its prime

Blowing my mind away


Tomorrow she would be in a dress of her choice

be it a blouse, t-shirt, sweater, jumper or cardigan

be it white, black, blue, grey or green colour

Her model figure turns the attire into a sensation

Her sexy body activating my fantasy


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