How do Youths Define Spirituality?

How do Youths Define Spirituality?

The answers of youth revealed the fact that they described their spiritual behaviour in terms of seven categories with regards to personal and social developments. They were categorized as: to have purpose; to have the bond of connections, including those to a higher power (typically God), people and nature; to have a foundation of well-being, including joy and fulfillment, energy and peace; to have conviction; to have self-confidence, and to have an impetus for virtue. The study found many youths who called themselves “spiritual”, but there is a disconnect between calling oneself as spiritual and defining what that entails. James said: “Although the assumption is that many people are “spiritual”, the term “spirituality” is not something that is easy to articulate and define. People have a hard time separating spirituality from religion, but the differences are important to understanding behaviour and development.”

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