FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 – historical event in South Africa

FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 – historical event in South Africa

The historical event finally became a reality on the 11th June 2010 when at about 16:08 CEST the kick-off whistle was blown for the first FIFA Soccer World Cup game on the African soil. All those who doubted the competence of Africans to organize such a huge event discarded their doubts and  joined several thousands in rejoicing and celebrating. The celebration began on the eve of the event with live concerts including renowned African and international music artists; Hugh Masekela, Freshlyground, Lira, Angelique Kidjo, Alicia Keys, John Legend, K’Naan and Shakira among others. The opening ceremony presented a fantastic colorful show that depicted the richness of African culture in its purest form without cliché.

The opening match of the Soccer World Cup 2010 took place at Soccer City Stadium, situated in Diepkloof near Nasrec, Johannesburg, between South African Bafana Bafana and Mexican national soccer team. The game ended 1:1 with South African Siphiwe Tshabalala scoring the first goal of the tournament.

The idea of a world Cup was initiated in 1926 by the World Football Federation and was nurtured by Jules Rimet who was elected president of the Federation in 1921. The first event took place in Pocitos Stadium, Uruguay, on the 13th July 1930.  The countries that participated included France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Romania, USA, Mexico, Uruguay Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. France won the opening match against Mexico with 4:1. Uruguay won the cup by beating Argentina 4:2.

FIFA World Cup Champions

Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1930  Uruguay  Argentina  USA, Yugoslavia
1934  Italy  Czechoslovakia  Germany
1938  Italy  Hungary  Brasil
1950  Uruguay  Brasil  Sweden
1954  West Germany  Hungary  Austria
1958  Brasil  Sweden  France
1962  Brasil  Czechoslovakia  Chile
1966  England  West Germany  Portugal
1970  Brasil  Italy  West Germany
1974  West Germany  Holland  Poland
1978  Argentina  Holland  Brasil
1982  Italy  West Germany  Poland
1986  Argentina  West Germany  France
1990  West Germany  Argentina  Italy
1994  Brasil  Italy  Sweden
1998  France  Brasil  Croatia
2002  Brazil  Germany  Turkey
2006  Italy  France  Germany

FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 Matches

Date Match Score  
11.06.2010 South Africa vs. Mexico 1:1  
11.06.2010 Uruguay vs. France 0:0  
12.06.2010 Korea DPR vs. Greece 2:0  
12.06.2010 Nigeria vs. Argentina 0:1  
12.06.2010 England vs. USA 1:1  
13.06.2010 Algeria vs. Slovenia 0:1  
13.06.2010 Serbia vs. Ghana 0:1  
13.06.2010 Germany vs. Australia 4:0  
14.06.2010 Netherlands vs.Denmark 2:0  
14.06.2010 Japan vs. Cameroon 1:0  
14.06.2010 Italy vs. Paraguay 1:1  
15.06.2010 New Zealand vs. Slovakia 1:1  
15.06.2010 Côte d’Ivoire vs. Portugal 0:0  
15.06.2010 Brazil vs. Korea DPR 2:1  
16.06.2010 Honduras vs. Chile 0:1  
16.06.2010 Spain vs. Switzerland 0:1  
16.06.2010 South Africa vs. Uruguay 0:3  
17.06.2010 France vs. Mexico 0:2  
17.06.2010 Greece vs. Nigeria 2:1  
17.06.2010 Argentina vs. Korea Republic 4:1  
18.06.2010 Germany vs. Serbia 0:1  
18.06.2010 Slovenia vs.USA 2:2  
18.06.2010 England vs. Algeria 0:0  
19.06.2010 Ghana vs. Australia 1:1  
19.06.2010 Netherlands vs. Japan 1:0  
19.06.2010 Cameroon vs. Denmark 1:2  
20.06.2010 Slovakia vs. Paraguay 0:2  
20.06.2010 Italy vs. New Zealand 1:1  
20.06.2010 Brazil vs. Côte d’Ivoire 3:1  
21.06.2010 Portugal vs. Korea DP 7:0  
21.06.2010 Chile vs. Switzerland 1:0  
21.06.2010 Spain. vs. Honduras 2:0  
22.06.2010 France vs. South Africa 1:2  
22.06.2010 Mexico vs. Uruguay 1:0  
22.06.2010 Nigeria vs. Korea Republic 2:2  
22.06.2010 Greece vs. Argentina 2:0  
23.06.2010 Ghana vs. Germany 0:1  
23.06.2010 Australia vs. Serbia 2:1  
23.06.2010 Slovenia vs. England 0:1  
23.06.2010 USA vs. Algeria 1:0  
24.06.2010 Slovakia vs. Italy 3:2  
24.06.2010 Paraguay vs. New Zealand 0:0  
24.06.2010 Denmark vs. Japan 1:3  
24.06.2010 Cameroon vs. Netherlands 1:2  
25.06.2010 Portugal vs. Brazil 0:0  
25.06.2010 Korea DPR vs. Côte d’Ivoire 0:3  
25.06.2010 Chile vs. Spain 1:2  
25.06.2010 Switzerland vs.Honduras 0:0  

By beating Serbia 1:0 on Sunday 13th June 2010, Ghana became the first African country to win a FIFA Soccer World Cup match in Africa. The lone goal was scored from a penalty kick by Asamoah Gyan.

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