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Eat Healthy and Sustainable Diets to Save the Earth

A shift from the consumption of unhealthy food to more intakes of healthy diets could increase life-expectancy and mitigate negative climate impact. The importance

The Role of Chemistry in the Economic Development of African Countries

Chemistry as a natural science has helped in discovering and understanding the properties of different elements found on earth. The…

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The Nature and Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of science

Philosophy of science


Scientists are unbiased observers who use the
scientific method to conclusively confirm and conclusively falsify various
theories. These experts have no preconceptions in gathering the data and
logically derive theories from these objective observations. One great strength
of science is that it’s self-correcting, because scientists readily abandon
theories when they are shown to be irrational. Although such eminent views of
science have been accepted by many people, they are almost completely untrue.
Data can neither conclusively confirm nor conclusively falsify theories, there
really is no such thing as the scientific method, data become somewhat
subjective in practice, and scientists have displayed a surprisingly fierce
loyalty to their theories. There have been many misconceptions

The Chemistry of Perfume

perfume magic

perfume magic

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant, essential oils and aroma compounds, a fixative, and alcohol. It is used to give parts of the human body and sometimes other objects a long-lasting and pleasant smell.

The essential oils are obtained by distillation of flowers, plants, and grasses, such as orange blossom and roses. Extraction by enfleurage is used if distillation is not possible, for example in the case of Jasmin Absolute. Enfleurage is basically extraction by absorption of aroma materials into wax and then extracting the odorous oil with alcohol. Aromatic chemicals are also used. Fixatives, which bind the various fragrances together, include balsams, ambergris, and secretions from the scent glands of civets and musk deer (undiluted, these have

Retreating Glaciers Spur Alaskan Earthquakes by Gretchen Cook-Anderson and Krishna Ramanujan

In a new study, NASA and United States Geological Survey (USGS) scientists found that retreating glaciers in southern Alaska may be opening the way for future earthquakes. The study examined the likelihood of increased earthquake activity in southern Alaska as a result of rapidly melting glaciers. As glaciers melt they lighten the load on the Earth’s crust. Tectonic plates, that are mobile pieces of the Earth’s crust, can then move more freely. The study appears in the July issue of the Journal of Global and Planetary Change.

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