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Eat Healthy and Sustainable Diets to Save the Earth

A shift from the consumption of unhealthy food to more intakes of healthy diets could increase life-expectancy and mitigate negative climate impact. The importance

The Role of Chemistry in the Economic Development of African Countries

Chemistry as a natural science has helped in discovering and understanding the properties of different elements found on earth. The…

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Could Predictive Analytics Help in Boosting African Economic Growth?

Predictive Analytics has been applied in many industries to increase operational efficiency, optimize production processes, reduce cost in healthcare systems,…

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The Nature and Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of science

Philosophy of science


Scientists are unbiased observers who use the
scientific method to conclusively confirm and conclusively falsify various
theories. These experts have no preconceptions in gathering the data and
logically derive theories from these objective observations. One great strength
of science is that it’s self-correcting, because scientists readily abandon
theories when they are shown to be irrational. Although such eminent views of
science have been accepted by many people, they are almost completely untrue.
Data can neither conclusively confirm nor conclusively falsify theories, there
really is no such thing as the scientific method, data become somewhat
subjective in practice, and scientists have displayed a surprisingly fierce
loyalty to their theories. There have been many misconceptions

Transformation in the Automobile Industry

In its simplest form, business transformation involves a set of actions taken to change a business from an undesired situation to a desired state in its industry segment. The proposed 10-year transformation strategy of SAAB in this paper begins with a general overview of the transformation concept, followed by an historical snapshot of SAAB. SAAB Automobile AB was an original Swedish company founded in the 1930s and entered the U.S market in the late 1950s. The automobile company was very innovative, introducing new technologies, which made it a popular brand in Sweden. In 1969, SAAB merged with another Swedish firm, Scania, with Scania specializing in trucks production while SAAB concentrated on producing passenger cars. General Motors bought 50 percent interest of SAAB-Scania in 1990 to create a joint venture.

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