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Multi-User Touch-Screen Microscope

Snow crystals as seen under microscope

Snow crystals as seen under microscope

Finnish researchers have created an innovative new microscope that responds to hand and finger gestures on a giant touch screen.

The ‘multitouch microscope’ is the fruit of collaboration between researchers from the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), and the Finnish company Multitouch Ltd, who specialise in professional multitouch displays and software platforms that support multi-user environments.

The microscope works like a giant interactive touch screen and can be operated by multiple users, bringing new opportunities to teaching and research.

‘The giant size, minimum 46 inch screen looks somewhat like an iPad on steroids,’ says researcher Johan Lundin, one of the developers of the microscope. ‘The sample viewing experience is like a combination of Google Maps and the user interface from the movie Minority Report.’

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