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Ronke (Chapter 1)

She smiles at the image in the mirror, turns right and then left to confirm the justice her tight-fitting cotton-silk…

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Happy to See Her

Happy to see her

In the morning, in the evening

Anytime of the day, all seasons long

Slim, adorable, a simple starlet


Happy to see her

Walking gracefully with adorable eleganz

On her beautiful face resides a secret smile

A smile that brightens the day


Happy to see her

Looking shy, cool and innocent

A look that makes my heart beats faster

Wanting to embrace her


Happy to see her

Sitting relaxed at the coffee table

Her hands elegantly crossed under her chin

Her dream eyes putting me in a trounce


Happy to See her

Waving her hand almost invisible

Saying goodbye, see you again

Making my day worthwhile

The Model

Standing by the staircase at the train station

A slender figure appears in the distance

Her gracious movement unmistakable

Her beautiful face as lively as ever

Bringing life to the dull surrounding


Sitting opposite her in the regional train

Watching her loosing up her jacket

Revealing a black warm sweater

Fitting her sexy body like a designer’s model

Activating my fantasy beyond boundaries


Yesterday she was in a white sweater

the colour of peace, sincerity and purity

fitting her body like a sculptor’s mould

transmitting warmth and liveliness

Making my pulse beat faster


Days ago she was in a grey and black jumper

the colour of the current fashion vogue

the wool adding luxury to her complexion

Turning her to starlet in its prime

Blowing my mind away


Tomorrow she would be in a dress of her choice

be it a blouse, t-shirt, sweater, jumper or cardigan

be it white, black, blue, grey or green colour

Her model figure turns the attire into a sensation

Her sexy body activating my fantasy

Imagine Her

Watching the beautiful colours of falling leaves in autumn

The different shades of orange, brown and olive greens forming a natural carpet

I imagine her by my side on an ancient bench in a romantic park

Telling me tales from her childhood experience in Russia

Her slender body well posed, her legs decently crossed

Driving me crazy with her elegant figure


Looking through the window in winter, watching the snow fall

The snow flakes reflecting all beautiful colours of nature

I imagine her with me on the floor by the fireside in a secluded room

Telling each other our love fantasies over glasses of red wine

Her cool eyes lit up by the fire, her hair dropping over her shoulder

Driving me crazy with her sexy lips


Enjoying the sunny day in spring, watching the flowers blossom

The varieties of  flowers and their lovely natural colours displaying the wonder of nature

I imagine her with me in a paradise garden

Smiling, joking, feeling as free as a bird

Her liveliness transmitting joy to everyone

Driving me crazy with her gorgeous eyes

Julia’s joy

As a baby in a pram with a pacifier in the mouth

The small sweet eyes wide open full of curiosity

Aware of the objects, the people, the movements and the sounds

Wondering what’s going on unperturbed with a child’s innocence

And laughing joyfully at every teasing from the parents

This is joy! A baby’s innocent and sincere joy


As a kid on the playing grounds with class mates

The play time in the nursery school returns to memory

Aware of new things to be learnt and homework to be done

Wondering why all these are necessary with a kid’s inquisitiveness

And singing joyfully after the first test is passed

This is joy! A kid’s conscious joy


As an adolescent with a group of friends at a party

The mind free of burden, the eyes checking out the one that could be

Aware of the competition and the shows going on

Wondering whether the chosen one would turn up

And smiling joyfully at the first move and the passionate kiss

This is joy! An adolescent joy of passion


As a parent relaxing on the sofa, watching the little one play

The arms reaching out to hug and feel the delicate body

Aware of the need for protection, care and parental love

Wondering how could I, Julia,  make it as a perfect mother

But playing joyfully with beautiful Saskia in her pram

It is at last clear to me, that this is joy! Julia’s parental joy

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