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Transformation in the Automobile Industry

In its simplest form, business transformation involves a set of actions taken to change a business from an undesired situation to a desired state in its industry segment. The proposed 10-year transformation strategy of SAAB in this paper begins with a general overview of the transformation concept, followed by an historical snapshot of SAAB. SAAB Automobile AB was an original Swedish company founded in the 1930s and entered the U.S market in the late 1950s. The automobile company was very innovative, introducing new technologies, which made it a popular brand in Sweden. In 1969, SAAB merged with another Swedish firm, Scania, with Scania specializing in trucks production while SAAB concentrated on producing passenger cars. General Motors bought 50 percent interest of SAAB-Scania in 1990 to create a joint venture.

AMD versus Intel – The Microprocessor Market

AMD versus Intel-Microprocessor market

AMD versus Intel-Microprocessor market

The semiconductor industry is arguably a major technology driver that has continuously induced innovation in diverse industry sectors due to intense competition. The products of the semiconductor industry particularly microprocessors have enabled the development of high performance computers, industrial as well as household equipments, consumer electronics and mobile devices. The microprocessor is generally referred to as the central processing unit (CPU). It consists of a silicon chip holding a series of transistors together with other components and controls the central processing function of the computer and other devices in which it is employed.

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