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Analyzing the Impact of African Festivals on the Perception of Africans in Germany

In many cities in Germany, African festivals are annual events that take place mostly in spring and summer months. While each event has its motto, the fundamental aim of the organizers is to create an environment in which the diversity of African culture

Africa Festival Wuerzburg 2011 from June 2nd to June 5th

Julian Marley

Julian Marley

Africa Festival Wuerzburg is the most popular festival of its kind in Germany as well as in Europe. The next event will take place from June 2nd to June 5th 2011. The festival is definitely the largest festival focused on Africa in Europe, attracting several thousands of visitors each year. This year, famous African, Latin American and German music artists will be performing at the festival. The list of music artists include: 

CALYPSO ROSE (The Queen of Calypso from Trinidad)

JULIAN MARLEY & THE UPRISING BAND (Rootsreggae from Jamaica)

LOKUA KANZA AND HIS AFRICAN CHOIR (Musical poet from the DR Congo)

PAPA WEMBA (The golden voice of DR Congo)

SKA CUBANO (Mambo meets Ska)

RAÚL PAZ (Latino Pop from Cuba)

NKULEE DUBE (Ethno Reggae with Jazz and Soul from South Africa)

MANGROVE STEEL BAND (Steelpan music from Trinidad)

CARIBBEAN BRASS INTERNATIONAL (Carnival parade from Aruba and Curaçao)

CANDELA (Salsa and more)

WINYO (Acoustic Folk from Kenya)

WANLOV THE KUBOLOR (Pidgin music with Gypsy flavour from Ghana)

BELO R (Ragganga from Haiti)

SMOD (Modern sounds from Mali)

JAQEE (Musical nomad from Uganda)

DAARA-J FAMILY (Hip Hop from Senegal)

Lokua Kanza

Lokua Kanza

Apart from life music, visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy African recipes, engage in discussions, watch films, enjoy African cuisine, appreciate and buy diverse African artifacts. Children would be kept engaged and happy with theater and painting workshops. Check for more information at

Carnival of Cultures in Berlin 2008

Carnival of Cultures in Berlin 2008

Carnival of Cultures in Berlin 2008

Among all German cities, Berlin claims to be the most multicultural city. Over 400,000 people of foreign origin live and work in Berlin . There are diverse initiatives that aim at fostering cultural diversity awareness and integration of immigrants. One of these initiatives is the annual event called “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carnival of cultures). The event that usually takes place in May or June includes cultural shows,


Samba parade at the Africa Festival Wuerzburg 2007

Samba parade at the Africa Festival Wuerzburg 2007

Whenever the word „Samba“or the typical rhythmic sounds of the music is heard, one’s mind travels to Brazil. Samba music and dance are part of the cultural heritage contributed by Africans to the social life of Brazil. The east coast of South America was discovered by the Portuguese and named Rio de Janeiro (January River) in the 16th century.

The Show Goes On

Summerjam 2006

Summerjam 2006

It began 21 years ago and the community continues to grow. Regggae, Dance Hall, Hip Hop, Soul and other Black music artists keep the entertainment industry rolling worldwide. At the Fuehlinger see in Cologne , Germany , some of the most creative artists performed to the satisfaction of thousands of visitors during the 3-day Summerjam festival from 14-16 July 2006. Afritopic was there to witness the show going on.

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