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African Fashion and Design on the Rise

Traditional African garments are generally tailored locally according to the verbal style description of the client who buys the textile…

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Fashion and Lifestyle

Systems of fashion and cycles of popularity percolate through contemporary life. Styles, conventions, and dress codes can be identified in all groups, including subcultures, ethnic groups, alternative lifestyles, workplace and leisure cultures, and in all the mundane places and institutions of everyday life.

Africa Fashion Week Debuts in London

For the first time in history, the city of London will host an event that will showcase fashion which is inspired from Africa.  The event is known as Africa Fashion Week London ;( AFWL) 2011. It will be held between 5th and 6th August 2011 at the Gibson Hall, 13 Bishopsgate London EC2N and will make history as the biggest platform ever dedicated to African inspired fashion in Europe. Africa Fashion Week London will showcase UK and non UK based fashion designers.

African Mosaique – Pan African Fashion Show

Textiles in colors ranging from subtle chocolate to brilliant red, intricately crafted into elegant ladies dresses, were presented by beautiful models at a fashion show on the 9th June 2010 in Berlin.

Fashion Trends Autumn-Winter 2007

Fashion Trends Autumn-Winter 2007

Fashion Trends Autumn-Winter 2007

The summer is gone and the trees are slowly dropping the leaves that have lost their green colour and turning yellow and brown. The temperature is falling, the days are getting shorter and the sky is seldom blue. The autumn is moving in. The time has come to change the content of the wardrobe. It is time to replace light summer clothing with warmer sweatshirts, sweaters and jackets. This is not a big issue; simply check out the boutiques and retailer shops near you to see what fashion designers have created for the autumn/winter 2007/8.

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