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The Role of Chemistry in the Economic Development of African Countries

Chemistry as a natural science has helped in discovering and understanding the properties of different elements found on earth. The…

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The Chemistry of Perfume

perfume magic

perfume magic

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant, essential oils and aroma compounds, a fixative, and alcohol. It is used to give parts of the human body and sometimes other objects a long-lasting and pleasant smell.

The essential oils are obtained by distillation of flowers, plants, and grasses, such as orange blossom and roses. Extraction by enfleurage is used if distillation is not possible, for example in the case of Jasmin Absolute. Enfleurage is basically extraction by absorption of aroma materials into wax and then extracting the odorous oil with alcohol. Aromatic chemicals are also used. Fixatives, which bind the various fragrances together, include balsams, ambergris, and secretions from the scent glands of civets and musk deer (undiluted, these have

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