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Analyzing the Impact of African Festivals on the Perception of Africans in Germany

In many cities in Germany, African festivals are annual events that take place mostly in spring and summer months. While each event has its motto, the fundamental aim of the organizers is to create an environment in which the diversity of African culture

China’s African “Exocountries”

China is growing rapidly economically. Through its “Made in China 2025” plan, the Chinese government is determined to make China…

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The Role of Chemistry in the Economic Development of African Countries

Chemistry as a natural science has helped in discovering and understanding the properties of different elements found on earth. The…

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Refugee Crisis and the Unscrupulous Businessmen

“I do not have a job. There are no jobs. Nobody cares for us in Nigeria. My people borrowed and…

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Alarming Trend: Yoruba Children do not Speak/Understand Yoruba

There is an awkward trend in parenting and education in the modern Yoruba family. New generations of Yoruba children who do not speak or understand the Yoruba language are emerging in different countries around the world and most shamefully in Nigeria. Children born to Yoruba parents and raised in Nigeria do not speak Yoruba because their parents prefer

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