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Why is there no African Business of Global Reputation?

Whenever mainstream media broadcast events with pictures of Africans, and street views in any African country, it is not unusual…

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African Entertainment in the Streaming Service Industry

Entertainment is part of African culture. Read More

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Analyzing the Impact of African Festivals on the Perception of Africans in Germany

In many cities in Germany, African festivals are annual events that take place mostly in spring and summer months. While each event has its motto, the fundamental aim of the organizers is to create an environment in which the diversity of African culture

Refugee Crisis and the Unscrupulous Businessmen

“I do not have a job. There are no jobs. Nobody cares for us in Nigeria. My people borrowed and…

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Business is Booming in Africa

Example: Lagos Metro Blue Line

Location: Lagos.  Completion date: Launch has been pushed back to 2015.   A major cosmopolitan transport project to connect Nigeria’s largest city, the Lagos Metro Blue Line is designed to ease congestion and speed up journey times for the city’s inhabitants. Total cost: $1.2 billion.

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