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Love Unconfirmed

It was about eight o’clock in the evening. It is summer; the sun is slowly setting giving the sky a…

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Taye and Tambo

“We have to search for water now. I am thirsty and I am sure you are too”, Taye said stroking…

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Ronke (Chapter 1)

She smiles at the image in the mirror, turns right and then left to confirm the justice her tight-fitting cotton-silk…

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Scuba Diving Lessons in Anilo

I lived in the Philippines for 6 months, taking language classes and generally spending my savings, and I had some time to kill so I thought I’d take up diving. The Philippines supposedly has some of the world’s best dive sites and everything there is relatively cheap. I’m not a great swimmer or daredevil, but I’m generally up for anything once and it turned out to be good fun.

The ultra-reclusive felines of Belize (Tony Rath/Courtesy Belize Tourism)

Dominican Republic; Coast-to-Coast Mountain Biking
The Dominican Republic’s mountainous interior and long stretches of unimproved roads make for perfect fat-tire odysseys. This 12-day, 284-mile supported ride on dirt lanes and singletrack takes you across four mountain passes, through sugarcane plantations and tobacco fields, and beneath 10,414-foot Pico Duarte, on the edge of Armando Bermœdez National Park.

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