Body Language

Body Language

Regardless of what language you speak, the international language of body language allows all cultures to communicate. It allows anyone of any age to express themselves, from an infant right up to the elderly, without even speaking one word. There’s no mistaking the meaning of a smile, a wave or a simple hand gesture to ask for or to offer assistance.


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Michael PintoPosted on  4:10 pm - Feb 28, 2010

Thank you for your post. Very informative. I’m a sewing machine addict. 🙂

Rogelio RomoPosted on  9:59 pm - Feb 28, 2010

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Katie L ParkerPosted on  12:48 am - Mar 2, 2010

I’m going to bookmark this post.

Clifford NessnerPosted on  9:29 pm - Mar 5, 2010

I always enjoy reading your blog.

dating-single-sitePosted on  1:08 pm - Mar 12, 2010

Similar any different voice communication, body language consists of , sentences and punctuation markS. Each motion is like a individual phrase and a word may have various different significances. It is entirely when you put the word into a WORD with other words that you can fully figure its thinking. Gesticulates come in ‘sentences’ and always tell the truth about a someone’s feelings or attitudes. The logical person is one who can read the non-verbal dooms and accurately touch them against the person’s verbal sentences. So effective body language carry about five times as much impact as the verbal channel and that, when the two are incongruent, people rely on the non-verbal message; the verbal content may be disregarded.

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