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Alarming Trend: Yoruba Children do not Speak/Understand Yoruba

There is an awkward trend in parenting and education in the modern Yoruba family. New generations of Yoruba children who do not speak or understand the Yoruba language are emerging in different countries around the world and most shamefully in Nigeria. Children born to Yoruba parents and raised in Nigeria do not speak Yoruba because their parents prefer

Protest Voters?

The mainstream media classify sixty percent of AfD voters as protest voters. The classification as “protest voters” is explained with the main reason these voters give for voting for the far-right political party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland); they are disappointed with the political decisions or performance of the parties in power.

The Side Effect of U.S. Presidential Election 2016

Be respectful and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Show love and propagate unity. These are…

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