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The Cat Star by Gianni Rodari

The Cat Star

The Cat Star

Lots of people have gone to the dogs. Well, once upon a time not too long ago, in the eternal city of Rome, certain people went to the cats. There were thinkers who, because of the increase in traffic noise, could no longer find a quiet place to think. There were old people who had stories to tell but no one to hear them, whose families no longer had a place for them. There were widows and spinsters who stayed home in empty apartments. All of them just picked up and disappeared, leaving not a trace. They had all gone to the cats.

Tonino the Invisible by Gianni Rodari

C’era una volta un bambino di nome Tonino che non gli piaceva andare a scuola. One upon a time there was a little boy named Tonino who didn’t like going to school.

He wasn’t a bad kid, or a lazy kid, or a dumb kid. Anything but. It was just that Tonino had a wild imagination and he liked to stay up late reading. Books by people like H. G. Wells about strange creatures who lived underground and mad scientists who could do things like make themselves invisible. All that reading make him sleepy first thing in the morning. And first thing in the morning was Teacher’s favorite time to ask the hardest questions. Even before Tonino had a chance to wake up. It wasn’t fair.

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