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Honey Bee and Honey

Nowadays supplementary food commercials tend to imply high-tech products by high-tech professionals from high-tech manufacturing plants. Well, let us give the commercials benefit of the doubt. Take a look around you and you will see non-humans that are experts in high-tech food production. One of these experts is the honey bee. The honey bee gathers sweet materials including nectar from plants to synthesize a complex product that no food manufacturer has been able to replicate; honey.

Shea Butter – A wonderful Natural Product

The nature has provided us with wonderful products that could be used for our well-being. This fact cannot be denied. Generations of chemists, biologists and specialists in related professions have been working hard in laboratories to reproduce chemical and biological compounds that the nature has selectively created and refined to perfection. One of these natural products namely shea butter, is derived from the nut of magnifolia (shea) tree found in Central and West Africa.

Africa Festival Wuerzburg 2010 (21st – 24th May)

The next Africa Festival Wuerzburg will take place from 21st till 24th May 2010. The international Africa festival is arguably the largest of its kind in Europe with over 100.000 visitors in 2009.

Capacity Building in Africa

In publications regarding socio-economic development in developing countries, the term “capacity building” is commonly used. In general, the term is meant to cover all aspects of actions taking to generate educated, skilled and competent workforce with the aim of achieving socio-economic improvement in a society.

Selling /Leasing Land in Africa to Foreign Investors

Investors from around the globe are buying or applying to buy several hectares of land in different African countries. The countries in focus include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa. But the business is not restricted to these countries and is spreading across Africa. The Korean firm Daewoo Logistics announced in November 2008 its move to secure 1.3 million hectares of land in the south of Madagascar. The land, leased for 99 years, was intended to be used for intensive farming that would gaurantee Korean’s food supply in times of crisis.

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