Parenting Adventure

There is probably no more exhausting, exciting, frustrating, or gratifying job than that of being a parent. One-minute things are going well and the next you are pulling your hair out wondering if you are going to survive. No matter what your socio-economic status or your education, parenting is an adventure second to none.

Education in Africa

It is extremely important for educationists in Africa to meet and deliberate on educational issues in Africa. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge with one another and strengthen our intellectual capacity regarding education in Africa.

Institutional Racism

A system of procedures/patterns in all walks of life, i.e. education, housing, businesses, employment, professional associations, religion, media, etc., whose effect is to perpetuate and maintain the power, influence and well-being of one group over another.

What Are The Advantages Of Computer And Internet?

There’s not one area of our lives that computers and the Internet have not affected. While there are things to watch out for, overall most people agree that the huge advantages that have come from computers and the Internet far outweigh any disadvantages.